Over 85% of prospective customers will visit your website and decide within seconds whether or not they will do business with you, mostly based on the overall marketing look and feel. At Rief Media we believe in the “simpler is better” approach and develop online strategies that reflect and support our clients’ mission by employing cutting edge proprietary technology and flawless web design with clear and compelling content.

Rief Media offers a full range of online marketing services:
1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Content Strategy and Creation
3. Website Design
4. Website Hosting
5. E-mail Blasts
6. Search Engine Marketing
7. Social Media

  • Rief Media manages all aspects of the Duffy Electric Boat marketing program including online advertising, online promotions, several web properties, and the constant updates of the parent website with new information, images, and videos.
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  • Jim Grahl is respected throughout the jewerly industry and needed a venue to show off his vast assortment of works in a clean and professional manner. Rief Media has worked closely with J. Grahl Design on many projects including both print and digital items.
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  • Southern California's largest margarita machine rental company in Los Angeles receives almost all of their reservations and new customers through their website and advertising, both of which were designed and implemented by Rief Media.

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  • The Homeland Advisory Group is a Southern California based all-hazard mitigation, planning, and training consultation company. Rief Media worked with Homeland Advisory Group from their start and helped to create a brand presence, online look, and to develop the voice of their blog. Also included on the site is an interactive emergency plan generator which was developed by Rief Media.
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  • One of the county's leading Ronald Reagan historians and authors wanted an online space to promote his new works while still providing a repository for past articles he had written. Rief Media designed, developed, and manages his online presence including website, social media functions, and online marketing.
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